About us

We partcipate in the development of people, teams and organisations.
Tailer-made, interactive and with sustainable results.

The keytrain team

Since 1993 we have been working on tailor-made and innovative solutions for our customers. Our international trainer and consultant network has a diverse background of professional experience and industry knowledge. We are united by the high professional standards of our work, our shared sense of values and a pragmatic approach to implementing work.

Our holistic approach considers every aspect of your requirements:

  • We support the individual AND pay attention to the goals of the organisation.
  • We recognise critical details AND think and act systemically.
  • We know the theory AND enable the practical implementation.
  • We value continuity AND initiate change.

Our mission: We support people and organisations that want to realise a healthy working environment that enables innovation and success.

Our team

Günther Schackmann

Nina Klein

Nina Klein

Partner, Salzburg

+43 664 44 88 441    

Peter Größing

Luise Vieider

Trainer & Coach, Bozen

Martina Boden

Trainer & Coach, Hamburg

Alex Carli

Trainer & Coach, Bozen

Dirk Fröhlich

Trainer, Frankfurt

Peter Getzlaff

Trainer, Frankfurt

Hannes Horngacher

Trainer, Salzburg

Stefan Klein

Trainer, Vienna

Eva Maria Mitterhauser

Trainer, Salzburg

Heinrich Salfenauer

Trainer, Salzburg

Martin Seibt

Trainer, Salzburg

Klaus Stegemeier

Trainer & Consultant, Frankfurt

Wolfgang Tschinkel

Trainer & Consultant, Salzburg

Anja Wiebe

Anja Wiebe

Trainer & Coach, Innsbruck

Julia Obrist

Trainerin & Coach, Wachau

Our philosophy

We are interested in people and their working environment

Successful organisations are made up of individuals who have all contributed to make this success possible. We want to inspire these people to help develop their potential to actively contribute to an even better working environment.

We deliver results and solutions

Training and consulting are only as good as the changes they bring about. We aim to transfer solutions that can be implemented in a simple and sustainable way.

We shape customer relations based on partnership

It is important to us to understand our customers. Understanding our clients is at the heart of everything we do. Our empathy and human connection enables us to offer a different perspective that provides excellent value for all participants and clients.